ISICUP 2016/17

The first part of the season is over and we have a preliminary ranking – see ISICUP Ranking site.


The winner of the 2016/17 season in the 7 tests (T1, T2, V1, F1, P1, PP1, P2) will be the rider with the highest score on the ranking list. The score is an average of the 3 highest scores in the whole season in the prel.rounds by the rider. This means that the rider MUST participate in at least 3 ISICUP competitions in the season 2016/17. The score is calculated for the RIDER and not for the EQUIPAGE as many riders change horse during a two year period. Also please notice that a rider will be registered in the relevant group (age) in 2017 even if the scores were achieved in another group. This means that a rider could have been a young rider in 2016 and change to senior rider in 2017. Then the rider will be ranked among the seniors in 2017 and NOT in the young rider group even if all 3 scores were achieved while being young rider. This rule also covers junior riders changing to young riders during the season.


At the WC in Herning 2015 we had a successful price giving ceremony and we will host a price giving ceremony at the WC in Holland in 2017.


We had four ISICUP competitions in 2017:


• Kronshof

• Hrimnir

• Kjarni